New in version 0.3 (release 2008-11-13):
  • Added option to send a report by email.
  • Added the choice to backup full users' home directories or only the hidden configuration files.

New in version 0.2 (release 2008-11-06)
  • Using also the time, on top of the date, for the archive name in case of more than one backup performed per day (But this can be personalized in the options below).
  • Added verbosity levels for the logs (3 levels).
  • Added option to log on console and/or syslog or not.

Version 0.1 (release 2008-10-30) features :
  • Backup a selection of files and/or directories.
  • Dump MySQL databases.
  • Backup hidden configuration files of users' homes.
  • Backup the list of installed packages (Debian).
  • Encrypt the final archive using GPG.
  • Upload final archive via FTP (using ftp-upload) and/or SCP.