zyxBackup is a linux shell script designed to perform backup

zyxBackup is a shell script, designed to perform different backups on a local computer. It makes a compressed archive of all backup selected in the configuration. It can also encrypt the archive, and upload it on a FTP server, or copy it via SCP.

This script is designed to be executed in command line, or via a cron job. You can also copy it into /etc/cron.daily for a daily execution.

Features (can be activated separately) :
  • Backup a selection of files and/or directories.
  • Backup MySQL databases.
  • Backup users' homes directories (full or only hidden configuration files).
  • Backup the list of installed packages (Debian / Ubuntu).
  • Encrypt the final archive using GPG.
  • Upload final archive via FTP (using ftp-upload) and/or SCP.
  • Send a report by email.
Installation :
  • Download and gunzip the archive.
  • Edit the script to set the differents options.
  • Turn the script executable (chmod +x)
  • Check also the dependencies.
Download the last version :

Older versions :